Ordinary spas might dip their toes in the waters of bath culture. At Sōku, we’ve immersed ourselves completely.

Very soon, Austin will discover the pleasures and rewards once enjoyed by ancient Greek philosophers, Turkish pashas and feudal Japanese lords. When Sōku opens its doors, the very best in global bath culture will be waiting in welcome.

Steeped in traditions from around the world, Sōku revives ancient soaking and sweat rituals.

Making your way through Austin, you arrive at a peaceful sanctuary, nestled within the thriving urban jungle. A beautifully landscaped exterior, with lush bamboo, local flora and a water installation, creates a dramatic transition between the bustling city life and the Sōku experience.

Inspired by Japanese and European hot springs, we invite our guests on a journey of poetry in water.

Through our indoor and outdoor areas, guests wind between our hot and cold pools, and surrender to the steam of the Turkish hammam and the dry heat of the Finnish sauna and Russian banya. For those seeking an exquisite intimate retreat, our private soaking rooms indulge their senses with wooden tubs, steam/dry saunas and showers that open to Japanese gardens.

With an open-air pool, a juice bar and a café, our guests have plenty of opportunity to nourish themselves and socialize.

Amid an environment resplendent with lush natural beauty, and in the care of a professional staff that exudes tropical warmth in its hospitality and helpfulness, the guests of Sōku can find a total experience of peace, purification, and replenishment. A place to please the senses, soothe the body, balance the mind, and renew the spirit.

Sōku is a perfect marriage of Spa chic and Austin Bohemian.
Come immerse yourself.

Join us and be a part of the community bringing the first green SOAKHOUSE & SPA to Austin.


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